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Empathies - STEAM Challange

Good health and wellbeing, as well as that of Clean water and sanitisation, is an ever-rising issue globally as the amount of pollution is forever rising as time goes on. This issue is one that has been self-created by society.
As an upcoming company trying to help with this issue, we understand the importance that technology will have on helping this issue. As time goes on technology is improving with it, as proof of this, we use technology for everything that we do within our daily lives, whether that be scheduling or even buying necessities like food. Therefore, we believe that to tackle this issue we should be using the same innovative technology making our lives easier to battle this crisis!
We also know that for our product to battle this crisis we will need to incorporate these four needs for our customers: ‘fair price, good service, good product and feeling valued,’. As a business, we shall ensure that these are met through the products as a business ourselves.

Define - Use Case

While developing our product we have identified that the problem with this ever-rising issue of water pollution is that of not having anything to combat it. Therefore, we have developed a water filtration device that can be used with any water source, whether that be a water pump etc. We believe that this is the first step to helping this global crisis.

Ideate - Solutions

During the ideate stage of our project/product, we brainstormed many different ideas on how to provide t solution, we conversed with our mentors who were there to provide support and advice on our product.
We were also given the chance to work with faculty from the engineering department which helped with the final development stages of the build.
Due to the current climate, we were limited on what we could use for inspiration and what we could go see. however, because our build was a water filtration system, we didn’t need to go outside to test it as all we needed was water to pour into it to see if it worked.
With our own independent technological knowledge, the knowledge of our mentors and those of the engineering faculty we were able to design and develop a prototype.

Prototype - Application

When designing and creating the product we have had to revise how we were going to create our product to work how we wanted it to. As a team, AIDA had to continuously change parts and ideas below are images of the build process and that of the prototype.
After some issues and deviations with how we were going to combine everything to provide the outcome, we were wanting. We then developed our previous prototype to our second and final prototype.
By speaking to the engineering staff as well as the mentors that we had, we came up with the idea of using the heating element from a kettle as this will make it more energy-efficient and cheaper to run so then anybody would be able to use this product. This idea will also make the product smaller as we will no longer need to implement a heating element.
The idea of using the heating element from a kettle allows us to make the product smaller, allowing for our product to be used in more water sources than previously possible.

Prototype 2

Final Prototype

Test - Results

After finally acquiring all the hardware and software that we needed for our product, we were able to make the prototype and continue to test it for any flaws.
Below are images/videos of the working prototype!