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Opportunistic Timeline

Impact on the Market

Our product is targeted at the health industry and those that are working on helping reduce the number of people globally who are struggling with polluted water. Through potential, collaborations with companies that are working within the industry that we are targeting, their support will help the start of our business whilst the growth that they will receive in-kind whilst using our innovative product. We hope to help the current market in helping deal with their cause and whilst also improving the sustainability of the market.
At the present, we do not have any collaborations but we are hoping to find one as we would like to have support from someone who will be willing to work with us as we continue to develop our product as well as work alongside the collaborator. We are excited for the future that our product will bring for us, potential collaborators as well as the market that we are focusing on.

The Future

For the following 12 months, we have been preparing our product for a showcase to show off our innovative solution to the public at ‘Innovation Fest’ within Birmingham City University (BCU). At ‘Innovation Fest’ we will be showing all the design specs as well as the prototype of the product, we are doing this because then it gives people the chance to be able to see our product work in real-time and this will help relay the point across about how innovative technology can help aid a problem that occurs. Once we have accomplished this we will continue to work on our product and with anyone that is willing to collaborate with us because as a team AIDA believes that this product could really help with diminishing the ever-rising issue of polluted water.