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Clean2O is a water filtration system that uses a heating element to heat up the water to above 65 degrees Celsius. The water that is pumped through the product is then passed through the area where the heating element is and that will heat the water up as it passes through. After passing through the heating element the water will be hated up to the temperature that is needed to rid the water of any contaminants that could cause problems for the user’s health. The pump will then proceed to carry the water through the product to be consumed by the user.
Below is a list of everything that was used to create our product. This list has both the hardware and software that we needed to use in order for it to work.
  • Arduino
  • Glass
  • Water Level Sensor
  • 12v Water Pump
  • Arduino IDE
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Both the start-up and production cost for our business is high as we provided most of the resources that were needed for our desired outcome. As we have no collaborations starting up as a small business will be hard as we will find it hard to fight for recognition against other companies who are producing similar products. However, not many companies are providing products like ours so the fight for recognition will be easier than if we decided on another product.