Team Members


Dean Takle - Specialist

With experience in media and website management, Dean has the know-how to make the project look professional.


Ilyas Ibrahim - Resource Investegator

With a vast amount of knowledge with products and materials, Ilyas know what materials to use and what products have used similar materials, allowing for the project to be a success.


Julain Misibi - Detailer

With an eye for the best and finest details, Julian allows for the team to know what we could do to improve the product and also the team itself.


Jaypal Rait - Innovator

With the mentality for innovation, Jaypal overcomes problems with ease and applies his innovative mind towards what could make the project the best.


Abdulhadi Mohamed - Team Manager

With experience working in teams, Abdulhadi uses that knowledge and experience to keep the team focused as well as working together well with no issues. 


Team Name

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